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EnvironmentAcorn Class Farm Project

Our term started with sowing grass seeds in a big tray in the classroom – we were creating a farm and had some lovely new animals waiting for a delicious new field. The excitement grew in Acorn Class at Selsted school as each week we enjoyed some new and exciting farm activities. The grass grew long and lush in the classroom for the toy farm and outside on the field we had a visit from some real farm animals. The children were able to hold a lamb and a kid and they all stroked a one day old calf, a sheep, a goat, a pony and a chicken. It was a brilliant experience for everyone.

The following week we watched as one of our grandparents brought a spinning wheel to school and showed us how to spin sheep’s wool. That was amazing and we all had a turn at spinning the wheel. The next day we were treated to a visit by two tractors, a John Deere and a New Holland. The New Holland had a seed drill on the back and we were able to see how seeds were sown in the fields. We all had a turn sitting in the John Deere and finding out about the controls. That was great fun.

Another week later, we had a wonderful experience with some five day old chicks in the classroom. Everyone could hold them and we all agreed they were like little bundles of fluff. This was followed by a scarecrow competition and the classroom was filled with rather cheerful looking scarecrows. They were put on the school field to be admired by all who passed by!

Last week we made bread and butter and then ate it. Making butter was quite hard work, but it tasted delicious on our homemade bread. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about British farms, the produce we get from them and about the work of a farmer. A brilliant experience for everyone.

GeographyJapanese Students Visit Again

The school were delighted to welcome back the Japanese students again this year.

They joined the school for the day, spending time in class, joining in games at playtime & lunch in the hall before entertaining children from across the year groups with various activities from learning how to speak in Japanese; Origami - paper folding; Writing their name in Japanese; Japanese games to How to eat with Chopsticks.

Natalie said "Writing looks easy, but it wasn`t because you have to hold the brush in different ways to make the right shape."

Faith giggled "I couldn`t pick up my raisins, the sticks kept twisting and then they would fall out. I think I`d be very hungry if I had to use chopsticks all the time."

  1. Ayrton - concentrating on learning origami
  2. Natalie wrote her name in Japanese
  3. Simon, Monty & Libby writing their names
  4. Paris making sure her folds in origami were correct.
  5. Faith trying to eat using chopsticks
  6. Name this animal - in Japanese

CommunityCattery Fundraiser

Many thanks to all those who supported the Rhodes Minnis Cattery fundraising events organised by Mrs. Thurman & Mrs. Thompson - we raised a fantastic £ 290.61.

The fundraiser was held to thank the Cattery after they kindly took in & arranged re-homing for 5 surprise admissions & their mum back in September 2012. Mum, now called Bramble, had found her way into the summer house in the Foundation play area & given birth there.

\"I\`m not sure who was more surprised\", said Mrs. Thurman at the time as she came face to face with mum & the 5 little faces that appeared from behind her - 4 beautiful white kittens and 1 tortoiseshell kitten which Mrs. Thompson re-homed, naming her Summer.

Christopher Russell (Chair of Trustees) & Thelma Jinks (Sponsorship Secretary) at the Cattery invited Mrs. Thompson to take a group of children over to see the cats & learn how the money would be used.

Head Girl, Rebecca Richens; Word Challenge Book winners Becca Bird & Alfie Burns; & Lion Raffle Winner George Heath from Swngfield Class were selected to present the money along with food & other gifts that had been donated.

All enjoyed meeting the cats & asked various questions, however George proved to be a \"Doctor Doolittle\" with several of the cats being drawn to him, but Princess in particular taking a shine to him & following him around during our visit.

SportKent School Games

Selsted School’s outstanding performance at the Shepway Schools Basketball Tournament last year saw them winning Gold medal position, & being forwarded to represent Shepway District at the Kent Schools Games in Medway.

With 14 teams & 6 tough qualifying matches against Medway, Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury City, Thanet, Maidstone & Mid Kent & Dover, Shepway performed well managing 2 wins & 4 losses which placed them in the playoff against Dartford. This was a close fought exciting match - result:- Shepway 3 Dartford 4, giving them a creditable 10th place overall.

The highlight of the event had to be the presence of Andrew Bridge - British & Commonwealth Basketball player - who came along to open the event & present the medals. During the matches Andrew took time to meet each team, give an inspirational talk & answer questions.

Team Captain George Heath said ‘We all got to hold his Bronze Medal won at the Commonwealth Games. The medal was broken after he came back home, but he told us he hadn’t had it repaired because although it wasn’t perfect, it was still special because he’d done his best to win it. He said even if our matches didn’t go perfectly, we should still be proud we had represented our school & district at the Games.’

Photo 1 : Team Shepway : George (Team Captain), Becky, Charlie, Emelia, Freya, Gene, Josie, and Robbie.

Photo 2 : Team with Andrew & his bronze medal.